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3 weeks ago
annoucement3 weeks ago

We launched a Facebook group for Shopify marketers.

Every week, we are sharing the best marketing articles and resources for Shopify in this Facebook group. Feel free to join it and to be part of our discussions. You will get a lot of exciting ideas to grow your store even faster.

1 month ago
open source1 month ago


We love open-source, and we enjoy designing new packages. We are releasing some of them on They are, of course, free to use (MIT licensed).

1 month ago
feature1 month ago

We just reached 10 experiments.

We detailed some profitable tactics you can execute on advertising networks like Google Shopping, Facebook, or Linkedin. We explained why you should have a live chat on your store and maintain an FAQ on your product pages. We talked about how you can take advantage of some applications built by Bold Commerce, Carro, Livify, Loox, and many other things.

Have a look and ping us if you see something we can improve!

1 month ago
announcement1 month ago

The Growth Bunker Platform is now live.

There are so many tactics to get more customers and make them buy again. But it also takes a significant amount of time to find these experiments and to figure out how to execute them properly.

A few months ago, we started to look for a place that was curating actionable marketing strategies for the e-commerce industry. Unfortunately, most of the articles we found provided almost no value to the reader. We had no time for all the endless articles some companies wrote on their blogs only to rank in search engines. We were looking more for valuable practices, condensed in bullet points that marketers had tested before.

We quickly understood how much value such a place would create for the community. Especially once it would reach enough experiments categorized according to the AARRR framework. So a few months ago, we decided to start building it. We are happy to release the first version today. Feel free to tell us what you think about the platform and how we can improve it.