Take advantage of indirect advertising by encouraging customers to unbox and review the product on social networks

A viral loop starts from the product itself. If you succeed at creating a remarkable product experience, many of your customers will review and share the unboxing on social networks. This free indirect advertising will drastically impact your sales.

What is the process?

What uncommon feature does your product have? Can you surprise your customers by making them feel some positive emotions when they unbox?
Focus on the most relevant social network for your business and encourage your customers to share their experience on this platform.
Write some words of appreciation below each publication with your official brand account and include a personalized coupon code.
Monitor all the posts mentioning your brand or using your specific hashtag.

Why should you care?

The Diamond Candles are like lottery tickets for women. A ring is hidden in each candle with a value between $10 and $5,000. This remarkable product experience made a lot of their customers to share the unboxing and review the concept on YouTube. The referral traffic brought back from these videos had a beneficial impact on their sales and were converting way more than direct advertising.

Diamond Candles also knew that Facebook was the platform to make the product viral back in 2013. That's why they focused a lot of their energy to integrate the network from day one. They encouraged their customers to share a picture of the ring with their friends and did their best to make sure people were redirected to the Facebook page and not the website. The reason for this was quite smart: they noticed that when new visitors were browsing the pictures of all the unboxed rings, most of them purchased the product to live the experience by themselves.

These unboxing videos are a powerful weapon to increase the level of trust in your business and remove the fear of being duped. People can be afraid of the unknown, especially for significant commitments like expensive purchases. This behavior could be the primary reason you are not getting as many sales as you want. Even if they understand what problem you solve, they can be anxious about whether it will work as they expect. Watching someone who is opening this specific product and describing the hands-on experience will usually bridge the gap between education and activation.

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How should you track the results?

It's best to encourage people to mention your social page or to use a specific hashtag when they share your product/unboxing online. Thus, you will have an easy way to find them or to be notified as soon as there are new ones.

On YouTube, though, they will usually include your brand in the title. A quick search with the most recent videos should help you display the new ones.

You should write some words of appreciation below each publication with your official brand account. You may also choose to include in this comment a personalized promo code with the first name (or nickname) of the customer who shared it. Besides generating more sales, this will help you track some of the purchases coming from a given post. We have seen teams hiring people whose only job was to like and reply to these posts. One entrepreneur told us once: when people take some of their personal time to share something about your brand, it is a shame to not at least like it back. He is more than right.

Key learnings.

The sharing experience is a full-funnel by itself. Don't ask your customers to share your product if sharing it does not add any value to their account or their followers. You have to escort to the share through unique product (or unboxing) features, some caring words, or an experience that will surprise them by feeling something they are not used to.

It may sound counter-intuitive but, when people do love the product or experience they bought, they will share it with their network, whether it includes an incentive or not. It is one of the pleasant things about virality. People share great products, and excellent products are shared. Delivering more than the value you promised is always the first step to take advantage of indirect advertising.

You may be tempted to use tools like Mention, Brand24, or Awario to monitor the mentions of your brand on social networks. But to be honest, you should not rely solely on them as they can miss a lot of results. In our opinion: they are just useless on Instagram and Facebook. It is usually more relevant to use their native search engine and to browse the notifications you receive when you are mentioned.

One of five consumers has watched an unboxing video on YouTube before making a purchase. This ratio is even higher for expensive orders. This new behavior made some YouTubers like Unbox Therapy very influent.

Use these unboxing videos in your product pages, newsletters, and onboarding emails (as GIFs). They will increase your activation rate for sure.

There is a myriad of creative ways you can take advantage to encourage customers to review or unbox your product online. One of them is to add a caring letter/card inside each box. Another is to send an email to the buyers when you know the package is delivered. Test your ideas and discover what works with your market.

Everyone does not have a YouTube channel (most don't). Instagram and Snapchat stories can be a better alternative while expressing the same level of trust. As they require way less work for the customer, it is usually easier to make them share through this medium than on YouTube. The only downside is that the publications are ephemeral.

Once again, personalization can be the key between surprising a customer and surprising a customer and making him share. Show off your brand’s personality and have a little fun.

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