Retarget visitors with authentic review videos that demo the products they browsed (but did not buy)

Product reviews can be a great strategy to convince hesitant customers to order. By retargeting them with a short video demoing the features, you might make them come back to your page with a better opinion, which might make them purchase the item.

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Set up Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) discounts to incentivize the customers to purchase a product or to empty the inventory

Shopify made it easy to create and configure BOGO discounts. These deals can be highly profitable as shoppers like them a lot. They can help you convince your customers to try a new product or allow for the profitable liquidation of low-quality inventory.


Automatically sync the Shopify products with Google Shopping and advertise them across Google's Network

Google is continuously optimizing its algorithms to detect when someone intends to buy a given product. Thus, if you want to tap into another profitable marketing channel, you should try Google Shopping ads.

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Take advantage of indirect advertising by encouraging the customers to unbox and review the product on social networks

A viral loop starts from the product itself. If you succeed at creating a remarkable product experience, many of your customers will review and share the unboxing on social networks. This free indirect advertising will drastically impact your sales.

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Publish a viral Twitter thread around the product story. When performing, promote it with Twitter ads.

Your potential customers are currently browsing Twitter. If you can peak their interest or catch their emotions with your product story, they might retweet it or purchase it.


Target or retarget potential customers on Gmail ads. Analyse the cost per conversion and retarget on desktop for more sales.

More than a billion people use Gmail every month. If you can build a profitable campaign, you will be able to tap into a really wide audience.

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