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Grow and engage your community in a Facebook group with articles, product updates and surveys

Take advantage of Facebook's incredible engagement to significantly increase your retention. We have seen entire businesses being bootstrapped from a Facebook group and countless communities reached thousands of people in a few weeks. We will explain what happened behind the curtain so you can replicate all this for your industry.

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Onboard new users with an automated email sequence and highlight your product value feature by feature

When a new user registers (or subscribe to your mailing list), don't expect they already grabbed all the value your product can provide to them. Educate them one email at a time with an educative drip campaign and increase your activation in a significative way.

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Grow your email list by welcoming visitors with a full-screen popup

New visitors can either register by themselves or leave your product forever. Your mission is to always have a way to get back to them with a more attracting message. Asking for their email address as soon as they arrive on your website can sometimes be a winning strategy.

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Grow your email list by triggering popups when a visitor is leaving

A certain percentage of your visitors like what you are doing but they leave and never come back. In order to reach them later, this experiment will teach you how you can install an exit-intent popup and ask for their email address.

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Record your visitors' screen to improve your website conversion rate, your advertising campaigns or your prospecting emails

Look at what your users are doing on your site as if you were standing behind their shoulders. Get a better understanding of where your visitors are dropping off, test new things and end up improving your conversion rate.

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