Set up a live chat to communicate faster with the customers and bring all communication channels into one

When they have some doubts or questions that go unanswered, visitors leave. By adding a live chat in your pages, you offer them a better way to connect with your support. It increases the trust in your store and your conversion rate.

What is the process?

Set up a livechat on your store and make sure you have someone answering.
Train your agent and give them the knowledge they will need to answer properly (including the sales skills).
Maintain your macros to reply faster. Set up quick replies with Gorgias. Update your FAQ database.

Why should you care?

By showing to your visitors a little speech bubble in the bottom right corner that pops up when you click on it, you increase their trust in your store. It highlights that there is an easy way to reach your customer service to answer any question or issue they may have. Besides, most of the contact form can take one or two minutes to find while you can spot a chat window in a few seconds.

You will be able to solve the issues of your visitors faster than with any other communication channel. Thus, your conversion rate will increase, and they will be more likely to return to your store to buy again (which is essential in the long run as it is also easier to sell a product to an existing customer than to a new one).

You will bring your customer support cost down as an agent will be able to handle more customers at once. You will also improve the buying experience and make your visitors' life more comfortable (especially when they are using small devices).

By listening to their inquiries, you will discover the pain points of your visitors faster (which will be useful to adjust your strategy and build your FAQ database). Besides, you will be able to overcome their objections on critical pages (like the checkout).

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How to execute this experiment?


Gorgias is a tool built specifically for Shopify to manage all your customer support. If you are okay with their pricing (which starts at $60 per month), you should take a look at their features below. In our humble opinion, they have the best functionalities for a Shopify store to manage and resolve all your support tickets. You can issue a refund in one click, cancel orders, create gift cards and modify delivery addresses, among other things. The macros to send the tracking number and the shipping date in one click will also save your time.


If you need a free live chat to communicate with your customers, the Shopify chat might be enough. You will manage all the messages with the Shopify Ping application (only available on iOS for the time being). You will be able to send products, discounts, and new orders directly in the chat with only a few taps.


You can also take a look at Crisp. They do not focus exclusively on eCommerce, but they offer attractive pricing plans that include many useful features: a live chat (with live translate), a knowledge base, a CRM, etc.

Key learnings.

When it is not necessary, don't ask your visitors for too many personal details to start chatting with your support. In most cases, an email is more than enough.

With a tool like Google Translate (or Crisp's LiveTranslate), you can adequately reply to your customers using their native language. They will get a better buying experience in your store, which will increase your conversation rate.

Visitors want a live chat to be fast. They are usually looking for an immediate response (under 10 minutes). If you can live up to this expectation, you will get a competitive advantage. Also, if your live chat is more offline than online, it might have a negative influence on your customers.

In most cases, your visitors might not enjoy dealing with chatbots that use scripted responses. They can create a frustrating situation when it cannot solve the problem or answer correctly. Thus, make sure your customers still have an easy way to reach a real human if you want to use them.

Even if you have a knowledge base, it is optimal to have a live chat that is easily accessible from all pages.

To increase the efficiency of your agents, you can use canned messages. These can include greetings, special offers, apologies, shipping rates, and more.

Automatically send a transcript once your conversation has ended. It is a service your recipients will appreciate as they will be able to keep the discussion for future reference.

Train your customer support to act as a salesperson. In some conversations, for instance, it will be possible to upsell a customer to an upgraded version of the product they are looking to purchase. With the Shopify chat, you could quickly share it with a discount code inside the conversation to increase the order value.

With Gorgias, you can set up quick reply rules to send automatic responses to questions like "where is my order?", "can I get a coupon?", etc.

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