Upsell customers on the thank you page with an upgraded version or by cross-selling complementary products

Even when a customer has completed his order, the sale is far from over. You can still suggest replacing the original product in his cart with a superior version or to offer additional items that work well with the one he has already picked.

What is the process?

Figure out when to upsell your customer with an upgraded version of the product in his cart or cross-sell additionnal items that work well with the one he has already picked.
Use the Bold Upsell app to configure the settings to fit your upselling strategy and customize your thank you page.
Use the Bold Cashier app to upsell with one click and avoid asking to enter the payment information a second time.

Why should you care?

BestSelf is using an efficient strategy to upsell their customers after they order. Once the checkout is complete, they automatically display a bundle that says something like this: update your order in one click and buy three more journals for the price of two. Once they click, they get charged, the order is updated and they received four items while a few seconds ago, they just had in mind to buy a single one. This strategy is also smart because it highlights how good this deal is for the customer. As you can only use one journal for three months, you will cover the whole year.

If you have a performing upselling or cross-selling strategy in place, you will increase your average order value. By improving this metric, you can become profitable when acquiring people on ad networks for more expensive keywords.

When done right, upselling or cross-selling does not degrade the buying experience. On the contrary, it makes it better, and you make more money.

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How to execute this experiment?


The first thing to figure out when designing this type of strategy is: do you want to upsell your customer (replacing the original product in his cart with a superior version that is costing more) or do you want to cross-sell (adding additional products that work well with the ones they’ve already picked to his cart).


When you have made your choice, you can install the Bold Upsell application to create your upselling or cross-selling offer. No development will be needed. You can precisely choose what to show to your customers once they made the order. You can customize a lot of different things like displaying a given offer based on specific products in a shopper’s cart, the order value, or even on the date of the purchase.


You will need to set up Bold Cashier to let your customers upsell with one click. This strategy will improve your conversion rate since shoppers will not have to enter their payment information a second time. Just keep in mind that this solution will add some extra work as you will not use the default checkout provided by Shopify anymore.

Key learnings.

It is not just about displaying a bundle after the checkout when you are trying to cross-sell new products. It must be genuinely related to the item the customer purchased and add value to his order (BestSelf and the bundle of three new journals to cover the full year).

It is best to focus on only one upselling action after the checkout. Don't try to upsell and cross-sell at the same time. In most cases, you will make things confusing by offering too many options. Even if Bold Upsell allows you to make a series of offers to encourage your customers to upsell, we highly recommend using this feature with care. In other words, make sure you put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. One great upsell option is better than several irrelevant ones.

With Bold Commerce, you can choose to display the total cost of the upsell product, or only the additional cost to upgrade to the replacement product.

Of course, automatically hide any upsell or cross-sell offer when those products are out of stock. Don't disappoint your customers by upselling them for something that is not available.

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